Highlights of the concentrations available at the University are mentioned below. Please feel free to download the Study Plans for your reference by clicking on the Concentration of your choice. 

Management prepares students for professional careers in Business Administration. This concentration is designed to provide the students with the leadership and administrative skills necessary to succeed in today’s business environment. The management courses cover various aspects of human resources, operations management, strategic management and related business administration disciplines.

Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management:  Human Resource specialization aims to focus on achieving corporate strategy through the effective management of people in organizations. Students will be engaged in a higher quality of work life, higher productivity, and an improved readiness for change. The role of the human resources within a corporate environment has been undergoing rapid change. In the past, personnel served primarily as administrators, policing and maintaining the organizational status quo. However, the role of the modern human resources professionals has become more ambiguous, shifting in the direction of business partner, employee champion and change catalyst, and focused on strategic leveraging of human capital.

Logistics offers focused courses in supply chain management, such as procurement, inventory, transportation, and purchasing to ensure operational excellence. This concentration aims to provide students with the required skills to build and manage product and information flow within supply chain systems. The skills and knowledge students will acquire from studying logistics are: operations processes expertise, analytical capabilities to support decision making, and utilizing information technology to facilitate business supply chain functions.

International Accounting 
International Accounting offers broad courses of accounting coupled with courses in Economics and Business Administration. This concentration provides the graduate with a sound educational foundation for an accounting career or post-graduate studies. The International Accounting degree equips students with the knowledge in a variety of subjects, including all aspects of accounting, in particular legislation according to International Accounting Standards (IAS) and US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). It also provides graduates with the educational foundation to progress throughout their career and professional life. 

Islamic Banking and Finance
The Islamic Banking and Finance concentration aims at enabling students to understand the Islamic Banking operating system and the concepts of Islamic Finance. Students are to be well-equipped with an excellent background about Islamic Finance and its innovative tools. An introductory background on the related Islamic concepts is offered linking them to the emerging banking and financial issues.

Banking and Finance

The banking and finance concentration are designed to provide students with the skills required for positions in the banking and financial institutions sectors. The financial sector is one of the main pillars of the national economy. With the steady growth, development and increased diversification and complexity of the financial sector, there is a growing demand for requisite banking and financial skills. 

E-Business and Entrepreneurship
Students studying this concentration can explore how current technological tools can assist businesses with increasing their productivity and enhancing their marketing. With the increased need for entrepreneurship, students will gain fundamental knowledge of business planning, financing, company valuation, marketing, management, information technology and consulting as they relate to new ventures, small enterprises and family businesses.

The Marketing Specialization is designed to create, in an easy to grasp, lively, and enjoyable way, an effective teaching and learning environment conducive to understanding the marketing principles and concepts and how these concepts are applied in real marketing management practice. It is also intended to build marketing knowledge, improve marketing skills and to enhance positive attitude toward the functions of marketing.