Field Training Experience

Article written by Ms. Samah Mansoor

I have recently earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management from TAG-UCB. As a part of the graduation requirement,
students are required to complete eld training at a company of theirchoice. A student must spend 180 working hours at the company in order to complete the course. If I wanted to describe my experience in one line, I would simply say that it exceeded my expectations in terms of knowledge I gained.

I had the opportunity to complete my training at Abbott Company at their Department of Sales and Marketing. I was able to apply what I studied at the University in order to develop new ideas. It, also, helped me in being more organized by encouraging me to be more punctual, prioritizing job tasks and completing them on time. I have also learned to network and build connections while also improving my communication skills both within the Company and the community.

Based on my experience, the management course helped me more in the area of personal organization rather than team situations. Creating daily agendas proves to be very useful especially if one would like to utilizetheir time adequately: balance classes, eld training and also personallife. In simple words, my advice to students planning to undergo training would be to take only three courses during the Field Training term, this would help you bring some bit of balance in your schedule.

During the training, always maintain a good relationship with your supervisor and do not shy away from asking questions.