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Publications Order

The “Fluency in Arabic Language Skills” book

which is considered an excellent readable and audible reference. It is a comprehensive resource for the Arabic linguistic skills and a good way to be prepared and qualified to sit for the fluency test. It is prepared in a way that enables the learner to study  on their own or throughout a training course.
The book is designed for Arabic intermediate and advanced level learners in an attempt to help them overcome the difficulties that stand in their way in mastering the four language skills: Reading, Writing, Conversation and Listening. It also aims at training the reader on using these skills in everyday life. Hence, the book comes in four units named after each skill. It provides the rules and principles of Arabic to help the student master these skills and fill the gap between knowing the rules and applying them.
The book adopts a simple approach in presenting its material (whether written or audio) through a clear and defined language avoiding any ambiguity or difficult definitions. It is also full of literary texts that are vibrant with life and possess the spirit of the modern times. It also includes various well-selected exercises to help the reader and learner measure his performance and skill. In addition, the book includes lessons in grammar, morphology, rhetoric and dictation followed by a number of exercises and sample questions with answers. The lessons within each unit also highlight the most common language mistakes.
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The “Fluency in Arabic Language Skills” book
Price: 10 $
Book Publish Date: 16-Dec-2021
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